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Better Application of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology

I was trained in Six Sigma during my time working for a large, US based staffing firm.  During my few years there, I complete their Black Belt certification program and went on to lead the quality department in one of their divisions.  I was heavily invested in their quality program and taught several waves of…

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A Better SIPOC for Modern Business

SIPOC for modern business

The SIPOC, which stands for Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer, is one of the pillars of any Six Sigma project, and it’s terrible unless you’re building widgets on an assembly line like its 1982. For any modern organization, especially those outside manufacturing, the rigidity of the SIPOC makes it difficult to use and ineffective at…

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Using a RACI or RASCI Chart to Efficiently Manage Communication

A RACI document will help you keep your communication organized

I’m on a bit of a communications kick – last post was about communicating around meetings to reduce the overall number of meetings you get sucked into.  Building on that, and looking at communication more broadly, a RACI chart is a good tool to use to manage your overall communication plan. When I started in…

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