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Change is the Way to Better Outcomes

Using a microphone to write via dictation

I’ve been trying something new out for the last few weeks and so far it’s going really well. It all started when a friend invited me to take part in a challenge she was running in her Facebook group to use dictation for creating large written pieces instead of typing. Changing how we do things…

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Balanced Systems Thinking For Maximum Efficiency

The chips I ate for breakfast

I want to share how my workout went this morning and how that relates to business. So today, I did my regular work out. I spent about an hour lifting weights and doing cardio and had a really good workout that I put a lot of effort and a lot of energy into it and…

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Boring, but Critical

Hello World

Is your team struggling to get the things done that need to get done on a regular basis?  Do you feel like you have too much work and not enough resources?  Are you wondering how to scale your team or business to the next level but unsure how to do it? For many, focusing on…

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Working Backwards Through a Process

Work backwards to go forwards

Start at the beginning and go to the end, right?  That’s how we do things – start at the beginning and go through each step as it should be. So often I see teams working this way when laying out how a process should be (or should be improved).  It’s natural and logical for us…

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Tracking Your Time

Tracking Your Time is Important to Improve

If you’ve ever tried to get better with your finances or lose weight through a nutrition program, you’ve been told to “track what you do.”  If you’re trying to eat better, you’re suggested to track the food you’re eating each day so that you can understand where you’re at, compare that to where you should…

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Change Management for Making Changes Stick

Change management is critical in getting changes to stick

You’ve made some big changes to get more efficient in your organization, and while those on your team were quick to take to the changes in the beginning, things have been sliding back to the way they were. Without good change management, you’ll have a tough time making new habits. The team is going back…

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Better Application of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology

I was trained in Six Sigma during my time working for a large, US based staffing firm.  During my few years there, I complete their Black Belt certification program and went on to lead the quality department in one of their divisions.  I was heavily invested in their quality program and taught several waves of…

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Meeting Effectiveness is Greatly Improved with Good Communication

Meeting Efficiency can be improved through good communication

Have you ever been in a meeting and thought, “We already talked about this!!”  It’s a common feeling across many organizations as meeting effectiveness seems to be at an all time low. So often we go to the same meetings, read variations of the same emails, or read emails that ask the same questions that…

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Most of What You Do is not Valuable

Value added work is rare

When making a system more efficient, one of the first things to analyze are your process steps from start to finish and which of these steps add value and which ones don’t. This is part of any formal Value Stream Mapping exercise that you might take part in, and is also encouraged in many of…

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